Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Closer to Home: Stanford's Bluebird Cafe

Because travel doesn't always mean the other side of the world...

Whether you live in Kentucky or just happen to be passing through, the Bluebird Cafe in the small town of Stanford is well worth a stop. With locally sourced products, including hormone and antibiotic free meats, you are guaranteed the freshest food with a wonderful taste.

I had been meaning to make the drive down to the Bluebird for some time and I finally got the chance last Saturday. It had been several years since I was last passing through Stanford and I was pleasantly surprised to the changes on Main Street - lots of little shops, everything wonderfully decorated for the season, and a real sense of community renaissance.

The Bluebird was BUSY! We were able to get a table straight away but by the time we left, people were waiting for the next available spot.

But I know what you're all really interested in is what we ate, so here it is:

I enjoyed the Somerset Wrap and a side of slaw - bacon and chicken from the nearby Marksbury Farm, avocado, cheese, greens, and a chipotle honey mustard sauce that gave it a real kick. The coleslaw was excellent, not overly vinegary or swimming in mayo like some I've had elsewhere. Just what I was looking for.

Nic wanted something more warming so he opted for the Bluebird Burger with a side of chili. The burger is made of local grass-fed Marksbury beef, topped with local Cheddar, garlic mayo and grilled red onions. I tried some of his chili (he wouldn't let me near that burger!) and it was thick, rich, meaty, and spicy.

The service was friendly and knowledgeable about the food. I also have it on good authority that they do an excellent breakfast.

In short, for my first visit, I was very impressed. It's always good to see restaurants with locally sourced food doing well and I predict a long and happy future for the Bluebird. Although Stanford is a bit of a drive from my side of Lexington, I get the feeling I'll be making the trip again.

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