Thursday, February 7, 2013

Release the Macaques

Today was a happy one for the four Barbary macaques here at IPR; they could finally return to their outdoor enclosure. A severe storm a few months ago had damaged much of their enclosure. While repairs and rebuilding have been going on, Solomon and company have been stuck indoors. Finally the big moment came and we all gathered for the door opening. They were out in a flash, climbing up the ladders to sit on the topmost platform. And when I went to get food bowls from the marmosets this evening, they were still happily philosophizing on the joy of the outdoors.

Since it was Thursday, I also had my first Monkey Time, the weekly period when short-termers get to go in one of the enclosures. I spent my Monkey Time with Thimone, the sanctuary’s only tamarind. A fun time was had by all.

And finally, in grand events that took place on February 7, I now have my first sunburn. After a few days of comfortable temperatures, today was an absolute scorcher and the SPF 50 didn’t stop the African sun from giving me a distinct red glow. 

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